Sometimes you just have to Gamble

This was a different little situation that occurred online the other night at Casinoslots website and thought it would be interesting to post. The game is 100NL (.50/1.00 blinds) and the villan in this story will remain anonymous, but he really did exist.

The villan was short buying for the $20.00 minimum and he was literally pushing all in every single hand and would be nice enough to show the hands he was doing it with. 52o, 94o, AQo, KK, 72o. So, there was literally no read to this cat and he wouldn’t let up either. He would steal some limps and blinds and would sometimes get called. Now that it was a 7-8 handed game, you really can’t just shove all in with any old hand, you may get run into the nuts, so caution was the name of the game, try to isolate the bully and pick him off.

I finally make a stand, bully has $26.00 I have $110.00

I limp in EP with 77, 1 fold bully pushes all in, all fold back to me and I call. Board doesn’t help me, but doesn’t help him either and he shows 76o and I take down the bully for his second buyin.

This is when things get interesting, the bully goes on a lucky tear. I mean he hits back door straights actually gets it all in against a dominated hand and lo and behold the bully has $140.00 and he is still going strong.

Bully has me covered but not by much as I’ve been in folding mode waiting to pick him off but have not had the opportunity. Then the gravity of the stack situation gets to him and he gives me an opportunity.

I’m in the BB with Kd Td and theres 1 fold to the bully who only minimum raises. Now, I seriously think its a mistake or he is just realizing he has 140 dollars and doesn’t want to risk shoving it all in preflop. Or quite likely could be a miss click, as he shoved all in with KK I doubt its a slow play. 1 other player calls the raise and I call the extra dollar for the chance to bust him.

Flop comes Ks 6s 4c
I’d like to see what goes on with the bully to my left, so I’ll use this opportunity to check but It’s quite likely I’m ahead here and against this particular player, I’m willing to back this hand with my stack.