New Super Mario Bros Wii Coin World Arcade Game!

Mario is easily the most famous face in video games! Everyone can agree on that right? He’s worn many hats including his famous red one, as a plumber, carpenter, Doctor, golfer, driving that thing in Alleyway, Even a tennis umpire. Everyones got their favorite game and the recent 2-D adventures in the New Super Mario Bros series are mine. I love the play mechanics of the first Super Mario mixed with beautiful hi-res graphics and tough challenges. I thought I’ve played every Mario game, but I’ve found an arcade game that’s off the radar for almost everybody.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Coin World is the name of this giant machine. I found it at the cool, candy land themed Game Center at a mall in Okegawa, Japan. The game is not your typical Mario adventure, it’s a mix of mini games and slot machines for up to 4 players . It’s also not the only time Nintendo dipped into the current arcade scene as well.

They’ve done Mario Kart, F Zero AX, and you’ve already seen me translate Luigi’s mansion! This game isn’t like those though, the machine doesn’t take regular money. You have to change your money into tokens and use them. 100¥, or basically 1 US dollar, gets you 10 tokens, but at this Game Center, 1000¥ or basically 10 US dollars will get you 100 tokens plus a bonus 100, for 200 in all.

One token gives you one spin on the slot machine, but only the middle bar. If you get 3 matching icons in a row in a place where you didn’t bet, it doesn’t count. 5 tokens is the maximum bet and 3 matching icons anywhere on the board with a maximum bet guarantees a win.

So, how much does a maximum bet actually cost then? With the 200 tokens I bought one max bet is 25 yen, or basically 4 plays for 1 US dollar. Got it? The controls are simple. A joystick and 2 buttons as well as a cash out button too.

The joystick moves Mario, Luigi, or the two toads around, the buttons are used for betting and spinning the slot machine, and is used as a jump or fire button during the mini games So how do you get to the minigames? Remember the tokens I just talked about? Well, You’ll need a lot of tokens because most of the time, you’re going to lose! When you get 3 in a row, you’ll win some coins that you can use for more spins. Certain combinations unlock the ability to play minigames, usually to get more coins to bet again and keep the game going. In This minigame you have to hit the coin block as fast as you can.

In this one the right item is hiding in the clouds and you have to use the propeller hat to go up and find it. In this one, you have to find the right icon and avoid the koopa icons. Now that’s all if you’re just playing by yourself. There’s special power meters and if you can play with 4 players at once, and charge them all up, you can fight bowser and save princess peach!

So if you’ve got too many tokens and want to cash out, what can you do with them? Actually gambling is illegal in Japan, so you cant cash them back in for money. However, you can take them to other games in the game center, and if you can get really good, one coin could last all day, which is a lot more than most arcade games these days. New Super Mario Bros. Wii Coin World is a pretty unique game.

Its pretty hard to find so if you ever see it, don’t pass it by. You can add slot Jockey to Mario Resume.