ICONIC Esports Moments: Jumping AWP Play (CS:GO)

Bardolf: It’s still Liquid’s round to impose on Luminosity. Bardolf: The team now going back to Old Faithful and cold might be in trouble. DDK: There’s a lot of pressure on him he’s gotta hit these shots.

DDK: They needed a huge play, but that was something I’m never gonna see ever again. Going into the MLG Columbus Major, few expected Luminosity Gaming to win. zews: Everyone said that we couldn’t do it. zews: Everyone said we didn’t have the talent.

The team was fresh off a second-place finish at the FACEIT 2015 Stage 3 finals, where they showed the world that they were worth taking seriously. FalleN: Had a great tournament so far. FalleN: I’m really excited about the future of this team. They were already the best Brazilian team in the world, but they were just that, the best Brazilian team.

Thorin: The best casino games in canada: throughout all of history, have been from Europe. South America was still the fourth place region in a list of five. And while Luminosity were their champions, many believed they couldn’t go toe-to-toe with the very best teams in the world. Fifflaren: I’m gonna say 2-1 Na`Vi. Fifflaren: Actually no, I’m gonna say 2-0 Na`Vi.

YNk: 2-1 for Na`Vi. Thorin: 2-0 for Na`Vi. Anders: The panel seems to be all in favor of Fnatic. Anders: Semmler, where are you on this issue? Semmler: I have to agree man.

LG were hungry, but so were their opponents. But Luminosity started the Major strong, finishing first in their group. The playoffs, however, offered stiffer competition.

Anders: But especially the core of Virtus.pro here, Anders: so TaZ, pasha, NEO and obviously kuben standing behind them, Anders: the four out of the five were the original Golden Five. And while VP took the first map. [Caster audio] It was all LG from that point on. [Caster audio] Although the games were close, LG proved they had what it took.

Moses: They’ve been just one of the best teams. Moses: For over a year they’ve been building up to this point Moses: and it’s actually incredible to watch them play now. Moses: They’re hitting their stride this is kind of the new meta that they they’ve helped pioneer, Moses: them and Navi, with this like really slow-paced, strategic, map-control style of play. Moses: And it’s sick to watch. LG moved on to face Team Liquid, North America’s greatest hope in the playoff semifinals.

MLG Columbus was the first North American Major and local fans were hungry to finally see an NA team win. [Crowd chanting ‘USA’] Liquid started strong on Mirage, thanks to a rock-solid T-side. [Caster audio] Liquid continuously blind sided LG, throwing them off their game.

[Caster audio] On match point, Liquid waited out the clock before committing to the rush. It was well-timed and a left LG without a lot of time to react. [Caster audio] The odds of hitting that shot.

Getting that jumping collateral, are extremely low. The last no-scope, was just icing on the cake. coldzera saw the opportunity to do something incredible and made the impossible happen. [Caster audio] From that point on Liquid were broken.

[Caster audio] They choked for 10 rounds, as LG took it to overtime and won the game. [Caster audio] LG went on to take Cache in overtime as well. winning the series 2-0 and making it to the Grand Finals. [Caster audio] LG won the Columbus Major, beating Natus Vincere 2-0 and marking the first time a South American team won a CS:GO Major [Caster audio] The play itself has been immortalized, as an in-game spray on Mirage and as a tattoo on coldzera’s arm. Simon Abitbol: The wings represent the jump shot Simon Abitbol: and then the four red skulls represent each of the four players Simon Abitbol: that he killed during that play.

The jumping AWP play, shot Luminosity to stardom. [Caster audio] Silencing their doubters and solidifying South America’s place in the Counter-Strike pantheon. The now-SK Gaming core are now considered one of the best cores in Counter-Strike history. Even their lows have been staggeringly high. And when they peak, they make miracles happen.