Frustrating Video Games

Everyone knows video games are the best but we should acknowledge that sometimes They’re frustrating! These are the 50 most frustrating moments in video games. Thinking you’re done with a maze but then realizing you missed a dot. Falling .2 seconds short of getting your “S” license. This jump which is the hardest in the game, Missions where you pilot an RC helicopter Memorizing the fatality, practicing the fatality, beating your friend and messing up the fatality, Beating a level with just two birds and then for some reason the game only gives you two stars When you just can’t get a line piece. Don`t get frustrated, play and win here:

Insta-kill lasers that go *laser sound effect* Spending hours breading a golden Chokabo and realizing you just spent hours breading chokabos. What’s worse, beating 3 of the elite 4 losing to the fourth then having to start the whole thing over Or when you walk into a cave and there’s a million fucking zubats Protecting Natalia when she’s hacking, getting knocked out by Mike Tyson, Just dropping a combo in Tony hawk. Failing during that last solo in Green Grass and High Tide, a song that by the way is ten minutes long, turret levels, TURRET LEVELS Some jerk camping the spawn point, getting stuck on a puzzle, giving up, looking up the solution on youtube then realizing the tutorial is hosted by a 9 year old Being the new guy on a server full of people who have been playing for years Putting a quarter into an old game and only then remembering that pretty much all old games are impossible.

Winning rainbow mode only to get blueshelled into oblivion, trying to beat whizzpig, trying to get a nintendo game working Games designed to be frustrating doesn’t make them less frustrating The I just can’t wait to be king level, don’t laugh, it’s impossible Basically every puzzle in every adventure game, but especially this desert Game wrecking bugs, not being able to get a riddle trophy that’s behind the fence even though, oh, I don’t know, you’re Batman Any level with these Medusa heads, this barrel in carnival Night Zone, whenever the music sped up because you were running out of air in an underwater level. This underwater level, all underwater levels, All levels where you have to escort someone Tripping on a staircase and turning yourself into stone. Just trust me on this one When you’re playing something multiplayer online and your family or I don’t know, whoever calls, and you can’t pause the game When a brand new PC game won’t work on your brand new PC Having to climb a ladder in any first person shooter, trippy dream sequences,

When your friend has full health and you have no health and he eats the turkey anyway This dog’s laugh, games that don’t have passwords or save systems, saving your game the moment before something stupid you can’t avoid happens accidentally hitting no in a Nintendo game when a character asks if you understood all that, the water temple, When you get a new game and can’t even figure the first thing you’re supposed to do, the turbo tunnel what you think I forgot it? The great maze, this Genesis game that a one point requires you physically get up and reset the system In order to proceed, yes this is a real idea someone once had But the absolute most frustrating part in all of video games isn’t when your trying to get to the next level or unlock the next jetpack or whatever it is. It’s when you realize there isn’t enough time for all the video games that you want to play. I’m just kidding. Let’s play video games all the time.