Everything You Should Know About Craps

History of craps game

The Craps game seems to have come to North America from Europe in the early 1700s. Craps was played on riverboats in America. You can play two types of Craps – Street Craps and Bank Craps. Street Craps is characterized by simple games played in informal settings. Bank Craps has the casino house covering the game and the bettors are actually playing against one another.

Craps system

The craps system may seem intimidating to beginners. The novice observes chips of different denominations being placed and moved around and more betting options than a new gambler can understand. But once the craps system and craps rule are properly understood, it is only a matter of time for the novice to try out his own craps strategy.

Casino craps

To play craps, the dice is tossed from one end of the table to the other. Gambling on craps is based on the probability of a number combination being rolled against the probability of seven being thrown. Each dice throw is called a ‘roll’. The dice is passed from player to player clockwise. The ‘shooter’ is the player throwing the dice. Each new roll of a shooter is called the ‘Come Out’ roll.
The craps rule is that every game begins with a ‘Come Out’ roll. When a shooter makes his ‘Point’, the dice are returned to him and the Craps rule is that he gets to begin a new ‘Come out’ roll. The game of craps hinges on establishing a ‘Point’ number and rolling that number again before rolling a 7 (craps). Point numbers can be 4,5,6,8,9 or 10. All other rolls of the dice have special meanings that depend on whether they were rolled before or after the point was established. When a shooter rolls a ‘Sevens Out’, the dice is then passed on to the next player for a new ‘Come Out’ roll and the game continues.

Free craps game

Many people are looking for the website to play a free online craps game to learn or improve on their craps strategy. A free online craps game is the best way for a novice to begin his foray into the supposedly complex game. Another advantage of taking on a free craps game is the access to the tutorials that are simultaneously available. You can understand and practice the various craps strategy sans the risk of putting your money on it. Most casinos offer free online craps to allow enthusiasts an opportunity to play a free craps game. A free game is also an opportunity for bettors to try out new techniques and put their craps strategy to test without a penny at risk. Free craps offers a recreational outlet for craps enthusiasts who want to experience the thrill of playing without the fear of losing.

Gambling Craps

Gambling on craps involves two primary wagers – Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line. When you place a bet on the pass line, it indicates that the shooter will make his point. If you are gambling on craps with a ‘Don’t pass’ line, you are betting that the shooter will ‘Seven Out’. If the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 on a ‘Come Out’ roll, gambling on craps with ‘Pass line’ automatically wins and the ‘Don’t pass’ bets lose. In the case of a shooter rolling a 2, 3 or 12, the pass line loses and the ‘Don’t pass’ lines win. In the event of a shooter rolling a natural or craps on the ‘Come Out’, he retains the dice. But it is when the shooter rolls 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 that a ‘Point’ is established. The shooter gets to roll again and in the event that the same number is rolled, he wins.
Casino craps involves casino employees who supervise and conduct the game. There are dealers who assist players and keep track of the craps action on the table. The Stickman is the person who assists the dealers and controls the dice as well as keeps the game lively. The Boxman has the job of guarding the casino craps chips and ensuring proper payoffs.

If you are gambling on craps, there are some basic bets that you should become familiar with. A basic bet is a popular gambling option on craps. A basic bet can be made before or after the Come On roll. The bet can vary between for or against the shooter. Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line bets are placed before the Come On roll.

Winning craps

Winning craps is all about buying odds when you play right or laying odds when you play wrong. These smart bets are placed over and above the initial bets on the Come Out roll. With this type of smart bets, you can aim at winning craps without the house edge but against the dice. You can place an odds bet to supplement your original Pass/Don’t Pass bet with an additional amount after you have cleared the Come Out roll.

Online craps

Online craps scores over the conventional game on many counts. High decibel levels and crowded tables tend to be distracting. You can play craps from home sans the diversions that brick and mortar casinos are known for. You stand a better chance at winning craps or tilting the craps odds in your favor. Craps is a game of dice where a player bets on what is the next outcome on the dice roll. Craps game is played at a long rectangular table with a set of square colors and numbers. The online game has a similar feel and appearance

Craps rule

The basic craps rule for gambling is whether the shooter will make his ‘point’ or not. Betting against the shooter is when you bet that he will not make the point whereas you bet with the shooter if you gamble on his making the point. Most casinos enforce the craps rule that the dice be thrown with enough force so as to bounce off the back wall. This craps rule tries to eliminate any unfair advantage that players may take by throwing the dice from certain positions.

Craps odds

Craps odds bet is among the best wager that one can make on a craps game, as the house has no built-in advantage here. But as is the case with all casino games, casino craps odds also favor the house in the long run. In some forms of casino craps, players are allowed to double the craps odds. The payout for craps odds varies between various points depending primarily on the odds of a 7 being rolled out before the point is repeated. Since craps is played with 2 dice, there are a resultant 36 number combinations that are available. The craps odds for the numbers 2 and 12 are the least. The most likely combination is 7 as it can be arrived at in 6 different ways.

Learning the intricacies of online craps and gaining a sound understanding of the craps game will take some effort and practice. Use free online craps game and become familiar with the nuances of the game.