Dragon Ball Games

Advanced Adventure coming at ya with that OG Dragonball goodness! I had no idea you would even played this game until we started working on this! As far as the Dragon Ball games go, it’s one of the most underrated on the list, and I don’t use that word lightly. An original Dragon Ball 2D beat ’em up for the Gameboy Advance? I don’t believe you. Yeah, Dragon Ball proper never really hit in the states like it’s successor did. Even though thats total bullshit, It’s easily the better half. And there’s no delineation in the manga fight me! And while the Game-boy advance was anything BUT unsuccessful, this game didn’t quite garner the attention of many gamers outside the hardcore beat-him-up fans.

And frankly, that’s a disappointment because while the game starts off simply (arguably unfairly) giving the impression of being a generic nostalgia baiting franchise cash-in. This game is packed FULL of fantastic pulls from the original series. The game chronicles goku’s adventure from meeting bulma all the way to defeating king piccolo. Guess they were a little taxed to make a separate sprite sheet for a full-grown Goku Hell no! I think they just felt like it was a natural cutoff point cause HOLY COW does this game feature a wide range of enemies, abilities, and better yet… PLAYABLE CHARACTERS! That’s right, you’re not locked into goku. You can rock the Dragon as over 15 different playable characters, most of them bosses or enemies you fight in the game. And the sprite work is PHENOMENAL! It’s awesome too because you have three different types of play modes. Platforming, flying Nimbus, and 1v1 battles that basically turn it to a 2D fighting game. And if you want you and a friend can go head-to-head in vs. mode! (which is mostly button mashing nonsense, but thats fine.) It’s also packed to the brim with cute little items and references to the original series.

Diverse level layouts, and so much love and attention paid to it every step of the way! not that I would know as I’ve never really played it. Kaiser: and that’s just awful… if you at home share the same shameful, despicable problem. (Harsh!) We highly recommend you get yourself a copy and take yourself back to your childhood (or whatever time it was when you watched the OG dragon ball) And if they haven’t watched the original Dragon Ball, then their literal trash people. You’re mean today! Only because I care.