Casino Money Management

I like to show you my big wins and just some regular slot machine bonuses so you can take a look at it but today I thought I’d put together an informational video so you can kind of learn from my strategy on how I leave the casino with money so if you ever ever played slot machines you know to leave the casino with money it’s kind of hard unless you have a big hit or you hit a jackpot or something like that but most days when you go it doesn’t really work like that so I’m on my way to the casino right now I’m about 40 minutes away and I’m taking about 360 dollars with me all-in $20 bills. Learn more about money managment at CasinoSlots.

So if you play slots you got to be lucky that’s really all it is there’s not too much strategy just hit the button and it goes and it either pays you or doesn’t so i’ve implemented a money management strategy which i’m pretty look religious on and it always helps me leave the casino with some money sometimes I’ll be up and sometimes I’ll be down but I’m never going home broke and that’s a good feeling so basically what I do is I’ll take a $20 bill and I’ll stick it in the machine and if I ever am up above $25 I’ll cash it out so that Nets me a minimum of a five-dollar profit off that $20 bill if I want to keep playing with that machine I’ll stick a new dollar or new $20 bill in that machine and I’ll do it again if I’m over 25 cash out get my ticket and start over or go back to the ticket Redemption machine when I have a whole bunch of tickets I go to the machine to cash them in and I do each one individually.

So I’ll stick one say it’s $25 $25 ticket in and out comes a $20 bill and a $5 so what I’ll do hey I’ll do that with all my tickets and usually I’m left with a stack of $20 bills and a stack of fives and ones so what I’ll deal with those fives and ones I’ll just put them on my pocket not play with it that’s money I’m going home with and I continue to play with my $20 bills this allows me to play for some time like I can fill up a whole day kind of with that strategy and by the end of the day I’m stuck with a wad of fives and one sometimes over $200 worth the other thing I do is I bring a bank I bring a little bank it’s like this it fits in my pocket and what I do is I leave the key at home so if I’m ever you know feeling good or up a lot what I’ll do is I’ll stash 20s or hundreds or 50s in this bank and I can’t access them until I go home.